Understanding Side Effects


As with many cancer treatments, it’s important for you and your health care provider to be aware of possible side effects of treatment with TAFINLAR + MEKINIST.

The most common side effect: Fever

Think you may have a fever?

Select common adverse reactions

The side effects shown in the chart are mentioned in the below video; it is not meant to be a complete list. Please see the Important Safety Information below. Talk to your health care provider right away if you experience any side effects. Your health care provider may choose to change, pause, or discontinue your treatment.

Managing common side effects of TAFINLAR® (dabrafenib) + MEKINIST® (trametinib)

Remember to listen to your body

Keep track of your side effects, and inform your health care provider about any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. When you begin TAFINLAR + MEKINIST, make sure to keep a list of all of your medicines, and show it to your health care provider whenever you get a new medicine; certain medicines may affect each other, resulting in side effects.