Patient Stories


Some of the most empowering resources for people diagnosed with BRAF+ melanoma and their loved ones are the experiences of others taking on BRAF+ melanoma as well. The following 2 videos were created so you could take an intimate look at the lives and BRAF+ melanoma treatment journeys of 2 different, real patients who are taking TAFINLAR® (dabrafenib) capsules + MEKINIST® (trametinib) tablets, and their families.

Meet Lance

A member of the United States Special Forces, Lance was 35 years of age and a father when he found out he had metastatic melanoma. After a failed treatment with interferon, he discovered his melanoma had a BRAF mutation—and learned he was eligible for TAFINLAR + MEKINIST as treatment for his aggressive form of melanoma.

Lance’s Story: The Moment of Diagnosis

It was the moment that changed everything for Lance, his wife Lauren, and their family—the moment he learned he had advanced melanoma. Hear from a real patient about what was going through his mind in those moments.


Lance’s Story: Journey to TAFINLAR + MEKINIST

Diagnosis was just the beginning of Lance’s journey. Hear how he and Lauren became their own advocates, leading them from hospital to hospital in search of treatment for Lance’s melanoma. When they learned his melanoma was BRAF+, everything would change.


Lance’s Story: All in This Together

BRAF+ melanoma can make patients feel small. But a strong support community can change that. Hear Lance and Lauren talk about the importance of having a support network, as well as their gratitude for each other's love and support during Lance's treatment.


Lance’s Story: Managing Side Effects

Hear Lance’s experience with some side effects of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST, plus the ways in which he and Lauren managed them along with his treatment team.


Lance’s Story: Onward and Upward

BRAF+ melanoma would change Lance and Lauren's lives forever. But the lessons they learned along the way would bring their family closer together. Hear how Lance and Lauren got "TAF+MEK Tough" and see their future as brighter than ever.