Patient Stories


Some of the most empowering resources for people diagnosed with BRAF+ melanoma and their loved ones are the experiences of others taking on BRAF+ melanoma as well. The following 2 video series were created so you could take an intimate look at the lives and BRAF+ melanoma treatment journeys of 2 different, real patients who are taking TAFINLAR + MEKINIST, and their families.

Meet Colleen

Colleen is a loving mother, wife, and TAFINLAR + MEKINIST patient. While she had entered remission in the past, she learned that her melanoma had returned at a more advanced stage. Resuming the fight—this time with the knowledge of her melanomas BRAF mutation status—Colleen learned that she was eligible for TAFINLAR + MEKINIST as treatment for her advanced melanoma.

Meet Lance

A member of the United States Special Forces, Lance was 35 years of age and a father when he found out he had metastatic melanoma. After a failed treatment, he discovered his melanoma had a BRAF mutation—and learned he was eligible for TAFINLAR + MEKINIST as treatment for his aggressive form of melanoma.