Transform what's possible with TAFINLAR + MEKINIST

For children age 1 year and older who have BRAF V600E+ low-grade glioma (LGG) and require systemic therapy. TAFINLAR + MEKINIST was proven to be more effective than chemotherapy (vincristine and carboplatin) in a clinical trial. Explore this website to learn about the benefits and safety of treatment with TAFINLAR + MEKINIST.

Important Safety Information:

What is the most important information I should know about TAFINLAR in combination with MEKINIST? TAFINLAR and MEKINIST may cause serious side effects, including:...

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Approved Use:

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST are prescription medicines that can be used in combination to treat a type of brain tumor called glioma in children 1 year of age and older


  • that is low-grade glioma (LGG), and
  • that have a certain type of abnormal “BRAF...

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BRAF  V600E+ LGG in children

What is the BRAF V600E mutation, why does it matter, and how is it found? Find answers about this specific type of tumor and learn how targeted therapy like TAFINLAR + MEKINIST works.



TAFINLAR + MEKINIST is a targeted therapy designed for pediatric patients with BRAF V600E+ LGG. Research has shown that TAFINLAR + MEKINIST works better than chemotherapy (vincristine and carboplatin) to treat this specific cancer.