Talk With Your Health Care Team About


Questions to ask your health care provider

Talking openly with your health care provider is important in making informed decisions about your treatment journey. These suggested questions are a starting point to help you learn more about your cancer care and treatment. You are also encouraged to ask additional questions that are important to you.

General Questions

  1. Have we uncovered everything we can about my lung cancer?

  2. Does my lung cancer have any biomarkers like the BRAF V600E mutation?

  3. If yes, am I eligible for any of the targeted therapies for lung cancer?

  4. How will we know if the treatment is working?

  5. What side effects should I expect on treatment?

  6. Is there anything I can do to help manage side effects?

  7. How do I manage potential fevers as a side effect?

  8. What symptoms or side effects should I tell you about right away?

Testing Questions

  1. What is comprehensive biomarker testing?

  2. Are you doing biomarker testing on my lung cancer?

  3. Is it appropriate to do a comprehensive biomarker test while waiting for other test results?

  4. Will I need special tests such as imaging scans and blood tests, and how often?